May 27, 2012

How to Backup and Restore Your Template in Blogger

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We do many experiments in Blogger. Mostly we are seeking for widgets and add them, try applying custom templates and do more stuff with the template on our blog. After going through all smart and hard work to customize and craft your template, you would never want to lose your customization. But when you deal with your template or make changes to your template, what if something goes wrong?

Nothing goes wrong until something went wrong. So you can't predict about what is going  to happen next. When you edit your template or add external widgets to your blog, there could be something goes wrong with HTML or sort of code inserted into your template. Therefore it's recommended to take preventive action before something happen to your template. We know how much you care about your blog. So as a preventive measure, Blogger provides you features to backup your template. Let's see how to make use of back up and restore features.

Back Up Your Template

Your widgets, headers and all related to template will be backed up here.

ii. Click on your Blog Title.

iii. Navigate to Template tab.

iv. Click on Backup/Restore button on top right.

v. Click Download full template button and you will have a backup copy of your template in XML format (.xml). Keep it in a safe place.

vi. Close the pop up.

Restore Your Template

i. Go to Blogger Dashboard.

ii. Click on your Blog Title.

iii. Jump to Template tab.

iv. Click on Backup/Restore button on top right.

iv. On the pop up you will find Choose File button and click on it. Browse for your backup XML template file (.xml) and click Open button after selecting it.

v. Now click Upload button.

vi. Close the pop up, after the restoration of your template.

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