Jun 24, 2012

(C#) Indent String(Text) with Spaces

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How to indent text with repeated spaces

This example shows how to indent strings using method for padding in C#. To repeat spaces use method String.PadLeft. If you call "test".PadLeft(10) you will get the string aligned to the right: "     test". If you use empty string instead of the "test" string the result will be 10× repeated space character. This can be used to create simple Indent method.

Method to generate Indent:

public static string Indent(int count)
    return "".PadLeft(count);

Console.WriteLine(Indent(0) + "Main Menu");
Console.WriteLine(Indent(3) + "Sub Menu 1");
Console.WriteLine(Indent(6) + "Sub Menu 1.1");
Console.WriteLine(Indent(6) + "Sub Menu 1.2");
Console.WriteLine(Indent(3) + "Sub Menu 2");
Console.WriteLine(Indent(6) + "Sub Menu 2.1");

Output string:
Main Menu
   Sub Menu 1
      Sub Menu 1.1
      Sub Menu 1.2
   Sub Menu 2
      Sub Menu 2.1

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